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Cannons and Doubloons

Cannons and Doubloons
Cannons and Doubloons

Gold in sight! Together with their pirate crew players set sails to the treasure island they discovered. But what is that?! Another pirate ship also set course towards that island. Into battle! Send the other pirates to the bottom of the ocean — hope that your cannons don't awake the Kraken — and secure the troves full of gold.

In Kanonen und Dublonen (Cannons & Doubloons) players each turn secretly choose one of their pirate cards simultaneously, to decide which of the three treasure islands they will visit. If they are the only one at the island, they may collect all doubloons they find there. If other players decided to visit the same island, each players must roll a die that determines if they stay in combat over the treasure, or if they retreat — only if a single player is left in combat, this player receives all doubloons. In the end, the richest pirate wins.

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  • Stanje: Na stanju
  • Težina: 550.00g
1,490 RSD
Bez PDV-a: 1,490 RSD
Jezik Engleski
Broj igrača 2-6
Trajanje partije 15-20min
Mehanike Children's Game Dice Pirates
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