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Orbito je igra za oštroumne. Da li ste strateški um porodice ili želite da izoštrite taktički uvid svoje dece? Pojačajte svoje strateško razmišljanje. Koristite ovu jedinstavno primenljivu/promenljivu tabla za igru. Sve se menja na svakom koraku! Takođe pomerajte klikere svog protivnika!Orbito je za..
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Model: 59082560380767
Neuroshima Hex! Neodżungla is a single army expansion for Neuroshima Hex! The main advantage of this army is the ability to create a Motherland, which lets one Module simultaneously help all units which belong to the Motherland. Even units which are weak alone can become fast efficien..
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Model: 5902560380125
Neuroshima Hex! Mephisto started life as a fan-created army expansion for Neuroshima Hex!, but in 2013 Portal Games announced that it had developed Mephisto and would now release it as an official expansion...
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Model: 590256384154
Neuroshima Hex! The Dancer is the second army pack, part of a series of mini game expansions containing one Neuroshima Hex army. The army’s author is one of the game's most hardcore fans, known worlwide for his great fan armies published on – Rustan Håkansson from Sw..
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Model: 5902560380750
Neuroshima Hex! Mississippi is the fifth army pack for Neuroshima Hex! This tough, defensive army's main advantage is the ability to massively poison the enemy HQ with venom as well as to thwart the enemy plans. The other advantages are noticeable resistance to attacks and ability to ..
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Model: 5902560383584
Faction expansion to Neuroshima Hex! 3.0 containing Troglodytes with brand new mechanics and fresh challenges. This new army comes with a big amount of fighting units and Battle tiles. Troglodytes easily adapt to the situation on the board. By cannibalizing their own units, they earn Satie..
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Model: 5908310266701
Pre-war uranium mines with a hidden underground equipment and crews managed to survive the apocalypse and are still extracting valuable uranium. Over the following decades, many of the heavy mining machinery were transformed into deadly weapons and sent to defend the underground fortresses. This way..
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Model: 5902560380484
The main advantages of the Neuroshima Hex! Sharrash army are mobility of HQ, the ability to blow up even the fastest enemy units and to paralyze the slower ones, and the possibility of bypassing the enemy's defense lines thanks to the mortars. Another advantage of the Sharrash is a difficu..
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Model: 3760175513329
Diamant — also published as Incan Gold — is a quick, fun press-your-luck game. Players venture down mine shafts or explore paths in the jungle by turning up cards from a deck and evenly sharing the gems they find on the way, with any leftover gems being placed on the card. Before the ..
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Unmatched - Suns origin
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Model: 3701551702616
Unmatched: Sun's Origin spotlights two heroes from the rich history of Japan.Oda Nobunaga was the daimyo of the Oda clan, renowned for unifying feudal Japan. He is a master tactician, making his honor guard even more dangerous (and just so happens to be a powerhouse in Tales To Amaze).Tomoe Goz..
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Umbrella Academy - The board game (new edition)
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Model: 5060924980319
The Umbrella Academy: The Board Game is a co-operative game for 1-5 people in which the players work together as the Heroes from the famous Umbrella Academy.To win, they must overcome a succession of dangerous hazards and defeat dastardly villains in order to save the world!Each player has a ha..
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Risk Strike
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Model: 5010996139405
Fast and fierce world domination! Get off the board and right into the action with this Risk Strike cards and dice game, a fresh twist on the Risk board game! Gameplay is simple, but highly strategic. Declare which continent you want to attack, deploys your troops, and roll the d..
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