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Model: 3760146643932
In Octopus's Garden, players take on the role of starfish competing to create the most beautiful gardens. Attract colorful seahorses and clownfish, without losing pearl-producing oysters to the hungry sea stars!Octopus's Garden is a tile-laying game for 2 to 4 players. Players choose which plant and..
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Model: 7350144110022
Long before the dragon‘s arrival, Karak was ruled by a powerful and cruel lord. Brave heroes could stop but not destroy him. Now he is coming back to restore his reign. Will you stop him or help him?Karak: Regent is an expansion pack for Karak – you must have the basic game to play it..
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Model: 8590228050298
Set of 6 highly detailed 5 cm miniatures for base game Karak, which replace the cardboard hero standees.Contents: 6 miniatures, 6 colored rings..
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Model: 7350144110008
In Karak, a.k.a. Catacombs of Karak, each player leads one of six different characters into the labyrinth. Tile by tile, they uncover what the labyrinth looks like, and it will differ on each playthrough. They have to equip themselves with weapons and spells, fight monsters, and (most impo..
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Model: 6430018276786
The city of London has commissioned you to redesign its underground network! Optimise connections, serve as many sights as possible and exploit the tunnels that pass under the Thames. Be careful to respect the specifications set by the city.Reveal the next Station card.Draw a new sectionOptimise the..
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Model: 850010229072
In battle, there are no equals."They show extreme intelligence, even problem-solving intelligence. Especially the big one." He has hunted many a dangerous predator, but against a pack of raptors, is Robert Muldoon the hunter or the hunted? In Unmatched: Jurassic Park – InGen vs Raptors, these c..
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Bez PDV-a:4,690 RSD
Model: 6430018275147
New adventures in The Quest for El Dorado! This expansion introduces the new modules “Dangers” and “Muisca”. The Muisca is a mysterious tribe that wants to help you find the city of gold. “Dangers” brings new challenges such as crocodiles, rapids and temples with keys to the City of Gold. Combi..
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Model: 5070000690223
Micro Bots is a strategic duelling game where you must outmanoeuvre, and outwit, your opponent. Card effects (attacking, moving, etc.) become more powerful based on the number of cards you have previously placed. So the order you play your cards determines your strategy - do you hold back your big a..
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Model: 8594156310509
Igra je “derivat” originalne igre Codenames i umesto pogađanja reči donosi pogađanje slikovnih pojmova. Ovo je asocijativna igra u kojoj dva tima igrača pokušavaju što pre razotkriti lokacije svojih agenata. 20 slikovnih pločica poredja se u polje 5×4. Igrači se podele u dva tima (plavi i crveni), t..
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Model: 4250231738180
The Great Mill is a mini expansion for Dorfromantik: The Board Game and contains two cards and a mill standee. Unlocking the Mill achievement lets you score additional points for Grain Tasks and Yellow Flags by cleverly placing the mill piece...
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Model: 0765464041395
Anyone can herd sheep, but have you ever herded dragons?In Dragonkeepers, you compete against each other as magicians. Two stacks of cards form the "Magic Book", which indicates which and how many dragons can be herded. With each card taken, this information changes, but luckily you can cast spells ..
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Model: 7090044370262
Tucana Builders is a sequel to the award winning Trails of Tucana.Place tiles on spaces that match the revealed terrain card to connect animals to corresponding huts.All connections that score in round 1 will score again in round 2. So, do you go for high scores in round 1, or will you try to create..
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