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Model: 3700217347147
Funny memo game to play in the bath! 24 foam cards that float and hold onto the earthenware when wet. Ready for a little game ?! A game that will develop your child's dexterity and memory...
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Buble Stories - Holidays
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Model: 5651651456
Discover new worlds in Bubble Stories Holidays by exploring, card after card, all the places you can visit! Enjoy each place along the way, and discover what is hidden at the end of each three adventures.Choose the different places you wish to explore.Turn each card over one after another...
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Model: 51651651635
"But, but...who did that?!"In the card game Who Did It?, players race to get rid of their cards so that they can avoid the blame of owning the animal that pooped. Each game is as fun as it is fast; quickly find your card, be the first to throw it down, then blame someone else! Was it YOUR ..
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Model: 7350144110022
Long before the dragon‘s arrival, Karak was ruled by a powerful and cruel lord. Brave heroes could stop but not destroy him. Now he is coming back to restore his reign. Will you stop him or help him?Karak: Regent is an expansion pack for Karak – you must have the basic game to play it..
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Model: 8590228050298
Set of 6 highly detailed 5 cm miniatures for base game Karak, which replace the cardboard hero standees.Contents: 6 miniatures, 6 colored rings..
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Model: 7350144110008
In Karak, a.k.a. Catacombs of Karak, each player leads one of six different characters into the labyrinth. Tile by tile, they uncover what the labyrinth looks like, and it will differ on each playthrough. They have to equip themselves with weapons and spells, fight monsters, and (most impo..
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Model: 859364006537
Sosig is a quick, family friendly, highly interactive tile-placement game.Sosig arrives as a pocket sized family friendly option to the Joking Hazard roster, focusing on competitively creating the ideal Sosig to defeat the other players.In Sosig, players will draft sosig piece tiles a..
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Model: 4010168233772
Watch out! The spider monkeys want to throw gross slime balls at the city residents. Rhino Hero and his friends are needed; players grab the slime balls and balance them on their super heroes’ cape, transporting them as quickly as possible to their hero headquarters. Heroes can't let themselves get ..
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Model: 4010168231617
Rhino Hero is back on the job — and this time not only does the wobbly skyscraper need to be climbed, but there will also be fierce battles between the four super-heroes Rhino Hero, Giraffe Boy, Big E. and Batguin. Who will win the battles and not let themselves be bothered by the mean, hanging spid..
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Model: 3760146644557
On the roster of The Wild & Aerial Show, the new act for Meeple Circus, you'll find a bear and wild lion, along with breathtaking aerial acts starring Otto the tumbler and Luna the tightrope walker!Each player starts the game with three acrobats: 1 blue, 1 yellow, and 1 red (instead of only 1 bl..
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Model: 425031718717
Animals that get longer - this is only available at Langland Rommé. Even children from the age of four can get to know the famous card game classic here - without any numbers at all. You need a head and a back to be able to lay out an animal. With bellies you can extend it as long as you like. ..
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Model: 4250231730559
To set up Animotion, which was first released as Animal Suspect, lay out six animal cards and six expression cards on the game board next to the die faces numbered 1-6. On a turn, one player rolls two dice in secret, looks at the cards matching the numbers rolled, then imitates this partic..
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